We strive to foster respect and love for language。English instruction at Roxbury Latin School is based on classicalExamination lifesuperconceptual。


English instruction at Roxbury Latin School is based on the classical concept of "looking at life" -- the belief that a lifelong commitment to intellectual, aesthetic, and moral exploration and growth gives meaning and character to existence。English course提供了一系列旨在培养这种承诺所必需的技能和态度的学习课程:具有鉴别力、敏感性和愉悦感的阅读和观察能力;清晰、有说服力和优雅地交流信息和观点的能力;以理解来调节理性,平衡智力的严谨性和同情心的人性的倾向;追求生活意义的冲动,And a perspective that recognizes and enjoys the complexity and ambiguity of life。 

Throughout the course, assignments and class activities encourage students to take a regular, thoughtful approach to reading and writing, listening and speaking。语言方面的工作强调发展丰富、灵活的词汇和对成熟句法的自信掌握;它还寻求培养对语言的尊重,And in time develop a love of language -- its ability to define, describe, and transform experience,It makes the unfamiliar familiar and understandable,Make ordinary things mysterious and beautiful。The goal of composition work is to establish a focus on clarity, precision, and style。

While the program emphasizes mastering the usual organizational patterns of analytical and persuasive writing, it encourages students to recognize the creativity inherent in the best critical writing。It also provides opportunities for first-hand experimentation in poetry and fiction - more personal representations of personal experiences and ideas - and these opportunities enable students to feel in themselves the interplay of experience, imagination and language that enlivenes the great works of literature they study。The study of literature emphasizes close observation of specific words and details and the development of a method of active questioning。At the same time, it encourages the same active personal, empathic engagement with literary characters and events。Through a careful study of a relatively small number of classical and modern works,Students tackle increasingly delicate moral and philosophical questions,In the face of often vague conclusions about the nature and meaning of human existence,并且,Ideally,Develop a passionate appreciation for the power of literature to expand, deepen, and illuminate "real" life -- to lift us beyond our everyday lives,To the transcendent vision of "goodness, truth and beauty"。

English course

  • Grade six English

    Grade six English Emphasis is placed on mastering basic language and learning skills: sentence and paragraph formation, vocabulary development, concise summary, accurate reading, systematic thinking, and regular listening。The grammatical analysis work is the first stage of the two-year course and introduces the components of discourse, phrases and clauses, and the basic patterns of English sentences。Composition instruction focuses primarily on paragraph organization and development - precise topic sentences, relevant supporting details, and effective conclusion statements - but students also have the opportunity to experiment with poetry, fiction, and personal thought。The assigned readings represent a variety of literary situations, from the real to the fantastic, and a variety of human behavior, from the heroic to the absurd。Although students do encounter important critical concepts and terms, the literary work seeks not to introduce the techniques of literary criticism, but to develop a simple vicarious appreciation of precise observation, accurate recall, and the re-creation of the imagination of human behavior。Unifying themes include friendship, courage, justice and service to others。The following books will be studied in this course。李 Et al., The Grammar of Writing.。 Angelo, The author ofI know why the caged bird sings ;吉布森 The Miracle Worker;李。 To Kill a Mockingbird;Shakespeare。 A Midsummer Night's Dream;斯坦贝克。 "Of Mice and Men.

  • Cet-5 English

    The English course of Class Five Continue to provide instruction and practice in verbal and analytical skills。语法单元复习了第六班教授的原则和程序,并将其扩展到分析从句和动词短语;另外还有时间用于学习标准正式用法和机械的规则和模式。In composition, expository and descriptive essays complement the ongoing focus on paragraph structure, and the written work expands to include multi-paragraph analytical essays, as well as more comprehensive examples of student fiction, poetry, and personal thought。The course continues to emphasize word development and comprehension, facilitated by a personalized online vocabulary platform and a constant focus on diction in necessary reading and writing。The reading assignment includes a range of literary periods, styles, and genres, but most of the works explore the relationship between an individual and his or her social environment。The work of critical analysis focuses on narrative structure, characterization techniques, and the influence of environment on actions and characters。Works considered include the following。李 Et al., The Grammar of WritingGaines。 "A Gathering of Old Men;戈尔丁。 Lord of the FliesHansberg,A Raisin in the Sun 》;海明威。 The Old Man and the Sea; 大师 Spoon River Collection;Shakespeare。 Julius Caesar.

  • Cet-4 English

    Cet-4 English courses are Advanced work in writing and literature laid the groundwork。The writing course provides a review of paragraph structure and extends these principles to the basic form of short expository or analytical essays。Composition instruction and extensive practice on literary and non-literary topics emphasize choosing and presenting a unifying argument, introducing relevant supporting details, using transitions fluently, and using positive phrasing and syntax。The program also includes a formal public speaking unit in which each student researches, creates, and delivers an informative lecture in class on a selected topic。Regular practice in vocabulary complements both written and spoken expression。在文学方面,诗歌和短篇小说的学习继续为成熟的艺术方法和意义的探索建立必要的批判态度和方法;主要关注点包括叙事结构、人物塑造、图像和图像模式、象征主义和并置以及主题。Overall, reading helps to examine some rather unique visions of the hero's thoughts and actions, patterns that are often at the center of stories about growing up in a complex world。Among the works studied are the following。 Cisneros。 The house on Mango Street荷马》。 OdysseyShakespeare Romeo and Juliet Wilson。 篱笆》。

  • Tertiary English

    Level 3 English course Designed to consolidate and hone the logical and technical skills necessary for college-level reading and writing。Essay assignments include critical, argumentative, and personal essays, as well as persuasive speeches, and some opportunities to write original poetry and fiction。Essay assignments emphasize effective introductory and summative paragraphs, developing authentic voices, and control of tone and style。Continue to emphasize diction and sentence structure to promote more precise, direct and forceful expression。In literature, students study a considerable range of artistic styles and philosophical perspectives, paying particular attention to the inextricable relationship between form and meaning。The assigned works help to illustrate the tension of structure and language that underlies great literature, as well as the tension of humanity and human aspirations。Some of the works raise questions about the nature of tragedy, the search for identity, and opposing forces such as innocence and experience, dreams and reality, idealism and cynicism, self-indulgence and self-sacrifice。Works considered include the following。Gioa and Gwen。 The art of the short storyO 'Brien The things they carry;塞林格。 The Catcher in the Rye;Shakespeare。 Macbeth;索福克勒斯。 The Oedipus Cycle。 Whitehead。Nickel Boy。

  • Second level English

    English class II Begin with an in-depth examination of the techniques and attitudes necessary for mature critical reading and writing。Class discussions of short stories, poems, and plays raise questions and issues that students then begin to explore and address in substantive critical essays, with significant advances in writing taking place separately as a result of reviews of submitted papers, private meetings, and requested revisions。In addition to an in-depth study of Shakespeare's tragedies, the program focuses on a year-long exploration of important thematic currents in American literature and culture。Even without formal coordination, the literary ideas explored in English and the political and social issues raised in American history mirror each other。Through reading and critical and creative writing assignments, students consider some of the enduring myths of the American experience (frontier heroes, the American Dream, the melting pot) and some of the enduring tensions (individualism versus democracy, freedom versus bondage, nature versus civilization, simplicity versus complexity).。Among the works studied are the following。Akhtar。 耻辱Connero,Six American poets;道格拉斯,《The life narrative of Frederick Douglass 》。 transcendentalism。Emerson and ThoreauFitzgerald, The Great Gatsby Gioa and Gwen The art of the short story Morrison Song of SolomonShakespeare。 Hamlet吐温。 Huckleberry Finn.

  • First class English

    Level I English classes transition between high school and college approaches to literature and writing。In the first semester, students take turns studying a series of separate units, each taught by one of their Level I English teachers, which focus in greater depth on topics introduced in previous years: prose as a literary form, modern poetry, contemporary drama, and public speaking。At the end of the semester, students prepare and deliver a final "wisdom address," which is a farewell address from a manuscript that offers a unifying insight, or a collection of insights gained or reflected from one or more articles that students study in English classes。In the second semester, students can choose electives that are more like college courses。Courses offered in the past have included "American Drama。Culture, Identity, and Politics "(by focusing on who has power, how does it come to be, and how it is used,以及由于种族、阶级、性别或性取向的原因谁缺乏权力);"现代世界的古典文学"(考虑文学在古典世界的许多功能,Such as propaganda, subversive political commentary, innovative art and so on,And how these works work in modern society and social justice movements)。"Fathers and Sons in Literature, Life, and Film" (A study of the stock patterns and realities of father-son relationships in literature,以及最终定义任何特定父亲、儿子和父子动态的区别性复杂性);以及 "跨流派的创意写作"(让学生参与各种创意提示,Original material to produce poetry, short stories, comic monologues, songs, plays, and creative non-fiction)。